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I am a finishing up my PhD in Politics at The University of Manchester and currently a visiting researcher at The University of British Colombia. I am a twin, who grew up in Norfolk and spent a year teaching in India with the charity Project Trust before I started my BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics in September 2014. Currently, I'm funded on an ESRC 1+3 studentship, which I started in 2018. My research seeks to explain the possession of so-called “Human” rights through interrogating the idea often established at their foundation: dignity. I argue that dignity and human rights should apply to nonhuman animals. See the research page for more on what I am currently working on. Outside of academia I am an ardent runner and vegan foodie. I'm not sure which activity fuels which!

Before Coming to Academia

When I started my undergraduate I had no idea that being a philosopher was an actual career path, though I was always fascinated with ideas and what people thought about them. Philosophers just seemed like mystical people from history.

I say that because I want anyone who has ambitions (whether in philosophy, or any other discipline!) to know that its possible to work towards achieving them, even if you don't yet know what career is waiting out there for you! Feel free to contact me about this. Or read more about my experience here.

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